The people at Grand Mountain Stone so beyond helpful.  We were a first time home builder and were not very knowledgeable.  David and his employees could have easily taken advantage of us.  He sat us down and explained everything and why this is that and all the coasts involved and why.  Why could not be happier and grateful.  we have recommended them to a couple family members already.

Janice Farzer

We had talked to other fabricators and quite honestly felt a bit overwhelmed.  whether that was on us or them we will never know.  The best part was after talking to David at GMS we felt not only at ease but the end design was AMAZING! Thank you thank you thank you.

John Florance

To say Grand Mountain Stone saved our ____ is an understatement.  We had went with another fabricator and quick simply they screwed up.  Dropped the first one and then tried charging us more for a replacement.  We contacted Grand Mountain Stone due to a referral from a friend and we could not be happier.  So fortunate and definitely will use them for our basement project we have started.  David, you are awesome!

Joan Eisenman